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District 1

Friday, Nov 3rd:
One-Acts/Studio -
HHS Fine Arts Building

Saturday, Nov 4th:
Individual Events -
HHS Freshman Academy

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We are honored to be hosting the District 1 Walter Trumbauer Festival Competition FRIDAY, November 3rd and SATURDAY, November 4th. Here are some basic notes for both days. 


  1. See show schedule for one-act and studio times. 

  2. Students and adults riding buses can be dropped at the Freshman Academy, where they will scanned through the Evolv unit and directed to the Fine Arts complex. 

  3. Students and adults driving will need to park at Mayfair Park and walk to Huntsville High School (see below map).  

  4. All schools must have adult chaperones. No adults other than sponsors, chaperones, and volunteers are allowed to attend on Friday. 

  5. Once through the Evolv unit, students must stay in the arts building or arts courtyard at all times. If they leave, they must pass back through the Evolv unit upon re-entry.  

  6. Students cannot enter or leave one-act or studio spaces while shows are in progress.  

  7. Students are not allowed backstage unless it is their school’s designated one-act or studio time. 

  8. We will have food trucks selling lunch during our lunch break. Please remind students to bring cash or a card. 

  9. Concessions (water, snacks) will sold throughout the day. 

  10. Trucks transporting sets must also be parked at Mayfair Park when not loading or unloading. 

  11. Please have trucks in place for load-out 15 minutes in advance of scheduled time. 

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  1. Everyone judging, participating in, and attending Trumbauer must enter the Freshman Academy and go through the Evolv security system. Once you are through the system you can go between the Freshman Academy and the Fine Arts building, but if you go back out to your cars you must re-enter through the Evolv system again.

  2. Judges please report at 8am. Judge’s room is in the arts building. 

  3. Volunteers please report at 7:30am to the welcome desk in the Freshman Academy Cafeteria. 

  4. Students and adults can park on campus.  

  5. IE’s start promptly at 9am. Printed schedules and room assignments are posted in the Freshman Academy cafeteria. 

  6. Parents are welcome to come and watch their student’s IE’s. 

  7. If a student misses their assigned IE time, they should report to their judging room to be worked in. If their judging room is finished, they can report to the overflow room. 

  8. No one can enter an IE room while an IE is in progress. 

  9. Concessions are available in the auditorium lobby, and food trucks will be on campus. 

  10. Once judges are finished in their room, they will report to the tally room in the auditorium to turn in their ballots. 

  11. After IE’s but before awards, a musical will be playing in the auditorium for students. 

  12. Awards (time TBD) will take place in the auditorium. Schools please sit together. 

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